blow dry/style

Haircuts are customized to based off hair type, personal lifestyle and maintaince. This service includes luxuriant shampoo, scalp massage, blow dry, and style of your choice

Do you have an event, date night, or just need a great style? This is the perfect service for you. Includes luxury scalp massage, treatment, blowdry and style of your choice.

High quality extension services are Hairchaos Studio's specialty.

Stylist Pricing: $60
Stylist Pricing:$50
Power UP

A full look for those who want a Brunette Dimensional Look, Colormelting, Live-In Low Maintenace Look, or an All-Over Lighter Look.  Our Signature root tap/stretch, toner/gloss, and blowdry and style

Time: 2-3 hours
how often: 1x per year
Senior stylist Pricing
starting aT $220
Advanced Stylist Pricing
starting at $175
Lighten it up
Time: 2-3hrs
how often: 2x a year
Senior Stylist Pricing
starting at $175

Advanced Stylist Pricing
starting at $150
Fix Em Up

Refresh and add minimal  blending or lighting around the face and part line. Our signature root smudge, color, shine, blowdry and style is included.

Time: 1.5-2 hours
how often: Every 8-12 weeks
Senior Stylist Pricing
starting at $150
Advanced Stylist Pricing
Starting at $130

Money PIece POp

This service is perfect for in-between appointments to re-gloss/ re-tone,and brighten up that money piece! This service includes blowdry and style.

 Time: 1.5 hours
How Often: 6 weeks
senior Stylist Pricing
Starting at $120
Advanced Stylist Pricing
starting at $100


This service is a root color, and to refresh the ends if needed. This includes blow dry and style.

Time:1.5 hours
How often:6-9weeks
Senior Stylist Pricing Starting at $75
Advanced Stylist Pricing starting at $60

Make your color look brand new again!

This service helps extend and

maintain depth/ dimension.

This service includes root tap or smudge root, gloss/toner, blowdry and style.

Root em up